Spring Fever / Blogophilia 48.3 Topic: ” Spring Fever “

 Blogophilia 48.3 Topic: ” Spring Fever ” 


Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): incorporate 2 electric wood working tools

(Easy, 1pt) : mention a cracked pot


Spring Fever


 I can’t write this. I hate everything I write. I can’t seem to think of anything decent. It’s all blenders and baseball bats in my head. How can I write about blenders and baseball bats? Nobody wants to read about blenders and baseball bats. Not now. Not when the sun is shining. Not when the birds are singing. I bet if I go outside I will find flowers. I’m sure of it. Flowers are blooming today. That’s it! I can’t take it anymore. I know it is winter still, but I have a case of spring fever. I need to go out for some fun in the sun.

 Maybe I’ll go cut down a tree. Okay, tree cutting is a little extreme, but I want to work with some wood. There is nothing like going out in the sun and working on wood in the spring time. I could get a skill saw and an electric sander and build me a toy sailboat. That’s the ticket. I could take that toy sail boat out to the lake and see if it sails. Then, when it is out in the water, I could throw rocks at it and scream, “meteor shower!” That would be fun. It sure would beat sitting in this room and trying to type a silly story. I know some people might be looking forward to a silly story, but what can I do? I have spring fever.

 When spring fever hits, my mind gets overwhelmed with projects. I have to get out there and do something with my hands. I want to experiment. I want to do something that I have never done before. Maybe I will try to learn how to work with clay. We could use a good clay pot. We have a clay pot, but the one we have is cracked. A cracked pot can be so disappointing, but a homemade pot would be a joy forever. I wonder if I should go out and get me a pottery wheel. Yeah, that’s what I want to do. I want to teach myself how to do pottery.

 What am I talking about pottery and projects for? I just need to get out in the sunshine. Last spring I was sitting outside on a cloudy day, and the clouds parted and I could feel the sunshine coming down and hitting my shoulder. You know, sunshine on my shoulder really does make me happy. So tell me the sun in coming! Here comes the sun! Here comes the sun! You know what I say about that? I say it’s alright! Let’s face it. It’s been a long, long lonely winter. You know what I mean, Little Darling?

 That’s why I need to get away from this laptop and get myself outdoors. I want to see blue skies smiling at me. I bet right now if I went out there would be nothing but blue skies. That’s all that I would see. Why do I delay? I don’t want to sit here another minute. How can I cast off these shackles that hold me to my room? Freedom! That’s what I need! I need to free myself from the routine. I need to break out of the box. No more sitting around typing silly stuff for me. I need to go outside.

 I wonder if there is a place outside where I could pick up a WIFI signal. I bet I could write a silly story and enjoy the fresh air at the same time. Why not try to get the best of both worlds? Still, what kind of break would that be? I would still be slaving over a computer, just in a nicer setting. Need to move around outside. I need to feel the grass beneath my feet. That’s what I need to do! I know I can really have a great time enjoying the fun in the sun, but not if I take work with me. You guys might have to miss out on silly stories for a couple of weeks. Spring is in the air and I am due for a break.

I need to break out the shorts. That’s what I need to do. I need to get out those shorts and let my legs breath. I will not make my poor legs suffocate any longer. I am going to run outside in my shorts. I am going to frolic in the open air. Okay, I admit that I am not quite sure how to frolic. Perhaps I should take some frolicking lessons. I bet by summer time that I could be an expert frolicker. People might gather from the four corners of the Earth and pay good money to watch me frolic. Don’t laugh. It could happen.

I don’t want you guys to worry too much. Just because I plan to break free and get outside in the spring air does not mean that I intend to stop writing stories indefinitely. I might take a break and enjoy some hammock time. I might go yodeling on the beach with spring break girls. I might go into the woods and play handball with my woodland animal friends. A break would be good for a season, but writing is in my blood. I’m not sure how it got there. I think it might have come with the caffeine. I will be back to writing silly stories before anyone can miss them too badly.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to stop this rambling and enjoy me a little warmth and sunshine. Please don’t feel like you need to hang around until I get back. I don’t plan to be back anytime soon….


…Yikes! What the heck was that? It’s freezing outside. Oh drat! How could I have forgotten that it is still only January? All of that spring fever stuff was premature. Now I feel like I might have winter fever. Winter fever is no fun. It comes with the chills. Oh man, does anyone have any chicken soup.


Picture guesses: Bundle of joy, Trashy doorway, I believe in my ply.


Picture by Gingerbread Coffin (Amber)

Topic by Aaron



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6 Responses to Spring Fever / Blogophilia 48.3 Topic: ” Spring Fever “

  1. But you’re down in Florida! I thought it was warm and sunny in Florida! It should be summer fever year round!

  2. Bonnie Mutchler says:

    We were supposed to be 56F today 😛 that’s getting too hot for me!! LOL!1

  3. Lisa Kessler says:

    It’s been sunny and warm in San Diego, but today it suddenly got cold and rained! *boggle*

    Fun post… 🙂


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