Word of the Day (Happy Slave Trade Day)

Please enjoy today’s Henry James moment for March 25th, 2011. Have a happy Slave Trade Day. Interesting Fact: Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete! (Still who would want to build a bridge with human thigh bones?)

“Be generous, be delicate, and always pursue the prize.” Henry James

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s extremely deep Word of the Day. I got the prize. It was a Sham Wow.

Psalm 23:1-3

****Bonus Material****

Please enjoy today’s Jane Austen moment which every bit as deep as anything else you may have read:

“Where any one body of educated men, of whatever denomination, are condemned indiscriminately, there must be a deficiency of information, or…of something else.” Jane Austen (I’m not worried. I take vitamins. I don’t even know the meaning of deficiency.)

Now it is time for the super nifty bonus Word (or Phrase) of the Week! Learn and speak English, it’s the Mother Tongue!

nonplus (verb, Pronounced nahn-PLUS) : to cause to be at a loss as to what to say, think, or do : perplex

Used in a sentence: When I saw the plans for the thigh bone bridge, I was quite nonplussed.

Extra Double Special Bonus: Jo and Jonathan’s Terrible Turtle Conspiracy


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I am the writer of the TTTC. If you want to know more than one day I will update this.
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2 Responses to Word of the Day (Happy Slave Trade Day)

  1. I think a thigh bone bridge could be cool. it would add a certain ambiance that we’re lacking around here.

  2. thejissilly says:

    I think Missouri could use a cool thighbone bridge.

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